AQUA Airdrop

The Initial AQUA token airdrop is now complete. 5B AQUA tokens were available to claim by eligible accounts until Jan 2022.

Check your Stellar addresses to see if they were eligible to participate

How you can claim your AQUA tokens?

AQUA distributed in the Initial airdrop can no longer be claimed. You can use any Stellar wallet that has Claimable Balances enabled to claim your AQUA in Airdrop #2 distribution coming soon. LOBSTR, StellarTerm & StellarX all have this enabled, so feel free to sign up and start claiming when your payments become available.

You can find out more information on Claimable Balances here

Want to know more about AQUA token and Aquarius?

You can read more on our Medium profile, we are happy to share all the details and plans for the AQUA token

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